Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Meet Meh Bu

A few months ago, Jessica received an interesting voicemail: "Jessica, this is Meh Bu! You know me! Call me back. This is Meh Bu!" 
Only one problem, Jessica doesn't know a Meh Bu. Neither do I. For weeks, we asked every Burmese person we knew in Austin if they knew Meh Bu. No go. Since then, Meh Bu has become the official HCHT scapegoat, errand girl and customer service department. If you need someone to blame, have we got a Meh Bu for you!

So, it stands to reason that when we were looking for a model for our new line of Spring Scarves and Rice-cycled bibs, we needed a Meh Bu.

I began my search at a second-hand retail fixture store near my house. Their dimly-lit second floor was full of body parts--arms, legs, and crawling baby mannequins, oh my! Single creepiest moment of my life. I closed my eyes, pointed to a bust and ran as fast as I could down the stairs. If I'm ever in charge of setting up a haunted house, I know where to go.

Once home safe and sound from Creepsville, Meh Bu got strait to work getting our new Etsy shop up and running. As the quietest member of the HCHT team, she knows her place (in my closet) and doesn't talk back. She is versatile, with the ability to model handwoven scarves for grown women or bibs for babies. Meh Bu and I have already had a talk about the kind of body image she is portraying. Kate Moss is so 1996, so let's get some meat on that 24-inch waist!

We're working on getting more photographs of our products on real-live, human women, but until then, Meh Bu is doing just fine. To honor all her hard work, we are running our first ever promotion, just in time for Mother's Day!

Pick up one of our new products in our Etsy store between now and Mother's Day, May 8, and you can save 25%. Just use the promo code: MOMSDAY25. The selection is extremely limited (what you see is all that's left after a run on the store yesterday), so act now to honor the moms in your life.

And if you have any problems using the code, please let us know. We'll get Meh Bu right on it.

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  1. Meh Bu is hilarious! I'm so glad to finally meet her! And glad it was you running to that creepy store and not me or Tom!