Monday, November 8, 2010

Artreach New Product Giveaway!

Hill Country Hill Tribers is gearing up for our flagship event:


You can read the stories behind each of the amazing vendors and learn details about the event itself at

In order to spread the word about the event, HCHT is giving away three of our newest up-cycled products, all made by Hser Kuq Moo and Ku Lo, our most proficient sewers. They've been working so hard and a lot of time the weavers get all of the attention, so we wanted to feature the work of these two women and tell you a bit more about them.
Hser Kuq Moo and Ku Lo are pictured above (and yes, Ku Lo's shirt says "Lefties Do It Right"). They are both members of the Karen hill tribe. They each have two small children, though Ku Lo is pregnant with another baby due in January. They manage to make beautiful, meticulous products at home while their husbands work as housekeeping staff in local hotels. Though Hser Kuq Moo's mother Law Gay (also one of our artisans) taught her how to weave, Hser Kuq Moo would much rather sew. In the last few months, with the introduction of some of our new products, both women have been able to contribute to their families' incomes and support their young children (and even a couple of friends living with them). To celebrate Hser Kuq Moo and Ku Lo's hard work, we're giving away three of their latest items.

Product 1: Rice-Cycled Bibs

Made from up-cycled rice bags, these baby bibs are as cute as they are functional. They're an adorable way to help your baby go green! They normally retail for $8. (With all three of these products, the ones pictured will not necessarily be the ones being given away. Each HCHT product is unique and if you win, we'll give you some options to choose from.)

Product 2: Rice-Cycled Pouches

These up-cycled rice bag pouches come in a variety of different sizes and no two are alike. The Three Ladies one pictured above is my absolute favorite! The sizes and prices of these vary; they make great stocking stuffers and can be used for pencils, make-up, or anything small and portable.

Product 3: Burlap Tote Bags

Made from up-cycled burlap sacks from Third Coast Coffee, these tote bags are fashionable and practical. They normally retail at $22. They're big enough to slip in a laptop or some books; they have a clasp at the top and a small pocket to keep things organized. Each bag is lined with different fabrics which add to their individuality; they're a great way to express yourself while helping the environment and supporting our artisans.

To win one of these products, leave a comment on this blog saying that you have done one of the following things:
  1. Facebook: Invite friends to the Artreach Festival from our Facebook event page (Leave us a note and tell us you're coming, too!). Make sure to tell your friends about this giveaway so they can enter. 
  2. Blog: Put information about Artreach on your blog (we'd love to see the links!).
  3. E-mail: It's old school but it counts! Send your friends the link to the Artreach blog or Artreach event page and invite them to come. 
  4. Twitter: Tweet the Artreach blog or Artreach event page (and while you're at it, sign up to follow HCHT on twitter!)

The contest will go on from Tuesday, November 9 until Tuesday, November 15 at midnight. Leave a comment by then with your name and what you've done to help us spread the word! (And if you live outside of Austin but want to register to win, find a creative way to tell other people about HCHT and we just might count it.) We're excited to see many of you at Artreach this year; the weavers and sewers will be there and you might get the chance to meet the woman who made your new item. The weaving demonstrations alone are worth coming for, but the products available from around the world are truly amazing. So even if you don't win, come to Artreach and you'll feel like you did!


  1. I have done # 1 and # 3 above. I have been following the blog and sharing the news on my facebook page. I also emailed the flier to all my co-workers, friends, and family and encouraged them to do the same.
    In fact, I have invited so many people, I'm not sure how I am going to buy holiday gifts since hopefully all my friends and family will be in attendance :)
    Jessica Montour, TX Refugee Health Program

  2. I posted on my facebook! Love these new products! They are awesome! Can't wait for Artreach!

  3. I posted on my facebook! I hope this is the biggest Artreach yet!!

  4. I posted on facebook!!! Love you girls and so very proud of all that you do! xoxoxoxo

  5. I posted on Facebook! I've also tried to get Joe to spread the word at work too.

    -Kim Pollard

  6. I shared the link on facebook, and will put a post on my blog too. Looking forward to it already!
    -Carly Bartee

  7. Since I'm "Old School" and still use email--
    I have send out dozens of the cool email invite I received. I know a gallery owner and she pasted it on as well. Know it will be wonderful and I am
    so proud of Kulo and Hser Kuq Moo. It was so
    much fun, teaching them to sew!
    Will be at the fair to paint the kids faces.
    See you soon...Fran Patterson

  8. I posted a link of Facebook! Wish I could be there for the event! Hope it's amazing!!

  9. I tweeted about it and also posted on facebook. Gotta spread the word!!

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  11. I'm very excited for this event! I emailed the teachers at my school about this event (we have about 30 refugee students - including the son of Hser Kuq Moo) and I posted on Facebook!

  12. I shared on facebook. getting the word out, hopefully this will be the best one ever!!! you guys are doing great at marketing!

  13. I posted on facebook AND blogged about it... I should win twice ;-)

  14. I posted on my facebook! :)


    Posted on my blog and shared on FB. :)

    Love this stuff, had a lot of fun last year and bought a few Christmas presents there.

  16. Congrats to our winners! Briana Mills (#16 Bib) Emily Doss (#12 Coffee Bag Tote Bag) April Goudeau (#3 Zippered pouch)